White Lion is the band origin in the form of United States in 1983 was founded by vocalist named Mike tramp and guitarist Vito Brata.band this music genre hard rock / heavy metal.dan in 1990 they get with the platinum hit "Wait" and "when the children cry "and in 1991 White Lion discharge but Mike tramp establish a new formation.

Old Personeel:

Mike tramp-vocals
Vito Bratta-guitars
LoMenzo James - bass
Greg D'Angelo-drum

New Personnel:

Mike tramp-vocals
Jamie Law - guitars
Troy Patrick Farrell - drums
Henning Wanner - keyboards
Claus Langeskov - bass



Steel Heart band origin United States stood in 1990, in the form called by vocalist Michael Matijevic, previous band called Red Alert, because there is something to the name he gave Steel Heart.pada 1990 they also released an album called self-titled and on the first day of the sale of cassettes have been sold in the 33000 chip in japan.range from to many of their hit songs are "She's Gone" and "I'll never let you go" and they have also released some album.dan Steel Heart itself does not escape from the switch personil.although so until now still eksist.

Personnel now:

Miljenko Matijevic - Vokalist
Chris Risola - Guitar
Uros Raskovski - Guitar
Rev Jones - Bassist
Mike Humbert - Drums



Iron Maiden a band of English origin bergenre Heavy Metal.band this stand in 1975 in the motori by the bass player Steve Harris.Band also gave birth to many albums and they also have many hit songs such as "Fear Of The Dark" and "The Trooper" they also get the award several times Platinum.untill at this time eksist although they still have some time to change of personnel, and personnel at this time also increased after their guitarist Adrian Smith rejoin.

Now Personnel:

Bruce Dickinson - Vocalist
Janick Gers - Guitar
Steve Harris - Bassist
Nicko McBrain - Drums
Dave Murray - Guitar
Adrian Smith - Guitar



German band Helloween origin precisely in Hamburg.band this year stood 1980.music them is speed metal / heavy metal, because they play music with speed.they also has issued several album.many song / album, among them popular is the "Keeper of the seven keys 1 & 2 "and" Future world "and many more hits they are more interested in the they fans.at 1993 until 2005, helloween often replace some personilnya.

Personnel Today:

Andi rustle - vocals
Michael Weikath - Guitar, Backing vocals
Sascha Gerstner - Guitar, Backing vocals
Markus Grosskopf - Bass, Backing vocals
Daniel Löble - Drums



Twisted Sister band origin of a New York union that kind of American mainstream music is Heavy Metal, the band this year 1973.di stood up by the guitarist named Jay Jay French.beberapa among his hit song "we're not gonna take it" and " i want to rock "and many songs that they created by the vocalist named Dee Snider.and to this band they are still eksist.and news they're a tour around the United States.


Dee Snider - vocal
Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda - guitar
Jay Jay French - guitar
Mark "The Animal" Mendoza - bass
A. J. Pero - drums